blindness is not caring about anything, its just doing what you want whenever you want.


I feel like being rejected by a friend is a lot worse than being rejected romantically because when it comes to romance I can just pass it off as me being ugly, but when someone rejects me as a friend, I feel like there is something wrong with who i am.


Do you ever feel like you must be something less than human? Not even an animal. That you must be something even lower.

That’s how I feel. How this loneliness makes me feel. And all I want to do is have someone to talk, and share things with. Someone to hold hands with. Hug.

But a monster isn’t allowed these things, is it? That’s all I feel that I must be.

A monster.

me: do you wanna date me, yes or yes?
crush: no.


some people have sex in the kitchen

i eat in my bed


Norwegian Weed by Hakuna Matata



ily hugoz